Good Morning, Old Friend.

About Me, The Photographer

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Greetings to you! My name is Wagner Abercrombie.

I am delighted that you have made it onto my humble photography page.

I am from Chattanooga, TN and I love this city.

I became a photographer in 2009 when I picked up my first point and shoot camera.

It was love at first click. Through the years I have dabbled in many types of photography.

These include pet photography, underwater photography, landscapes,

astro photography, portraits, theme photography, professional real estate and more! 

I am always learning new things and I love meeting new people .

  I am constantly learning new techniques and applying them to my art.  

 I want to help you capture beautiful photos for your listings, save your child's smile at play, pause a moment in time with your loved ones and so much more. 

Photography is more than pointing and shooting at a subject. I love meeting my clients and making memories they will treasure forever.I am beyond thankful for my current clients and I look forward to always meeting new friends!  

Contact me today to make memories that will last a lifetime, and to  capture photos that will draw in buyers for your listings.